Hooooooooooooooooly cow there are some weirdos in this world.

Imagine you're going under for a liver transplant. You wake up, get better, but move on.

Then -- a few years later -- you have to have another (unrelated) surgery. The second surgeon then notices that there are freaking initials carved into your liver.

And then you find out that it freaking happened to someone else.

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Did the operating theater look like this? Please say yes... (Getty Images)

Meet Simon Bramhall. He's a liver, spleen, and pancreas surgeon out of beautiful and never-sunny Birmingham, England.

In a story straight out of a campy horror film, Mr. Bramhall (spoiler: he's not a doctor anymore) one day decided that performing life-saving surgery just wasn't enough. Maybe the rush of saving a life was waning, and he needed to up the ante?

So he did what any Doctor WTF would do and carved his initials into a liver he had just transplanted.

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The only Doctor I fully trust... (Getty Images)

It didn't hurt the patient or affect the new liver, but still!

A few months later, he struck (carved?) again. The tool he used is called an argon beam coagulator...which is an over-emphasized "TOR" away from being a weapon of choice for Marvin The Martian.

*heavy breathing in alien* (gsom7 via YouTube)
*heavy breathing in alien* (gsom7 via YouTube)

About a year later, one of the canvases patients was getting an operation performed by a different doctor. Doctor #2 (not Doctor WTF) noticed the initials carved into the patient's liver and promptly alerted the hospital.

Simon (Doctor WTF) resigned the following year, and in early December 2017 finally had his trial, where he plead guilty. Sentencing is set for January.

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Perhaps he was...FRAMED?! (Getty Images)


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