An effort is made most weekends to get up to our family cabin, just south of Detroit Lakes. Last weekend was no exception. The forecast looked great and no real threat of storms. Evidently, that changed.

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I tend to stay up late on weekend nights and Friday night was no exception. It's always relaxing to sit out on the porch at the lake and watch some Netflix. I went to bed a little before 1 AM and was liking the cool breeze that was just starting to cool things down after a stifling Friday afternoon and evening.

I should have known a storm was coming because when I walked into the bedroom my dog Astro had the front half of his body under the bed. That's a definite sign a storm is coming.

Soon after I went to bed I heard the wind kick up. Then I heard this loud thud. I figured whatever fell would still be there in the morning, so off to sleep I went.

The next morning, I saw the damage that was done while I was off in La La Land. My neighbor's giant willow tree was snapped in half. Not sure if it was lightning or wind. I couldn't see any char marks on the tree, so I'm guessing it was the wind.


Further down the beach, a campground marina received some damage. those aluminum canopy frames can really take a beating in a storm like this.

Judy Aafedt

A few miles down the road, numerous docks were ripped apart and a pontoon actually completely flipped over. I'm not sure how they got the pontoon right side up again.


What struck me as odd, was not one piece of light weight deck furniture was moved even an inch on our deck. Aw, summer in Minnesota.

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