Love is in the Nashville air! Already, 2019 has been a good year, relationship-wise, for a number of country artists.

The biggest marriage of 2019 thus far is, of course, Miranda Lambert's surprise wedding to New York police officer Brendan McLoughlin. The country superstar — who divorced her first husband, Blake Shelton, in 2015 — reportedly met and married her new husband in the span of only a few months, but other than sharing the news in an Instagram post in mid-February, she has yet to officially give any other details.

Lambert's the only country artist to tie the knot so far in 2019 — though we're betting a few others will before the year ends — but a number of others have gotten engaged. Both rising singer-songwriter Devin Dawson and country singer/DJ Chuck Wicks popped the question in early March.

Who else is hearing wedding bells? Read on!

Country Singers Married or Engaged in 2019

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