It's that time of year again... time to crank up the BBQ grills and get outside for some grilling! It's no secret I love food. It's no secret I love meeting new people. It's no secret this is one of my favorite things to do!

Each weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day I go out into Central Minnesota and crash your BBQ. It could be at your house, a park, anywhere really. You let me know when and where your BBQ is and I'll show up to crash it, hang out with you and your friends for a bit and hopefully leave your house in one piece!

I won't be coming empty handed though. McDonald's Meats is back on board this year supplying meat for 10 people. This could be some of their scrumptious bratwurst or some of their amazing pork chops! Jen the Meat Babe always gives us something tasty to try every week!

I'll also bring along a case of Mello Yello! Mello Yello is one of those classic summer drinks. The crisp citrus taste that you've loved for years and now it comes in Mello Yello Zero!

Plus, if I crash your BBQ, I'll enter you to win the Magellan Roadmate 3065 Commuter Navigator. This baby is a must have for every day travel or long summer road trips! It is packed with great features including an ultra-wide touch screen, free lifetime live traffic updates, Bluetooth hands-free calling, OneTouch™ bookmarks and Periodic Reporting to help you track mileage on business trips. The MAGELLAN ROADMATE 3065 COMMUTER also offers Traffic Wakeup which automatically powers on your ROADMATE and receives all the latest traffic information for your commute that morning. The MAGELLAN ROADMATE 3065 COMMUTER is available now at Amazon.com and Best Buy.


Get your BBQ entered now and I just may see you this summer at your house!

To enter your BBQ, please email me, dave@98country.com and give me the following details:

Address of BBQ:
Date of BBQ:
Time of BBQ:
Tell me why you are having this BBQ:

Send the above information to dave@98country.com and I may just crash your big BBQ this summer thanks to McDonald's Meats and Mello Yello!