We've all seen quite a bit of Minnesota's Mike Lindell aka The Pillow Guy over the years selling his "revolutionary" pillow and most recently pushing baseless claims of a stolen election. Lindell says he's spent about $25 million pushing this baseless claim.

According to businessinsider.com, Lindell was informed by two Minnesota banks, Minnesota Bank & Trust and Heartland Financial USA, that they would no longer be interested in doing business with them. Pretty much, "just come and get your money and go."

"These guys have an agenda. There's something wrong, or they would have done something before," Lindell told Insider on Friday, responding to the call. "They would have done something last year or a year ago."

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Lindell is referring to when he was photographed January 15th outside the White House carrying notes pertaining to martial law.  "Why did they wait until now?" he continued. "There's something behind this, and we can't let everyone get debunked in our country."

Lindell stated that as far as the banks terminating their relationship with him "somebody got to them."

The banks "never had a problem with the cyber symposium. They didn't have a problem last year when all the box stores canceled me," Lindell said, "Isn't this weird? You know, give me a break. These guys are disgusting."

Lindell claims he has no intention of closing his accounts with the 2 banks. "I'm not closing my accounts. They're going to have to throw me out,"  said Lindell.

Lindell has had a tough year, to say the least. Costco and other retailers have pulled My Pillows from their stores.

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