There is a big push to get 70% of our population vaccinated over the holiday weekend; or at least by the end of June. Today, Governor Walz is going to be speaking at at news conference this afternoon around 2 pm, to announce some of those incentives; and from what I've seen, this is a pretty darn good list!

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True Minnesotans are going to love some of the expected offers. They include things like amusement park passes. This one possibly aimed at parents taking their kids in for vaccinations as well.  Fair passes have also been mentioned and I'm not sure if that means county fairs or the Minnesota State Fair. That would be awesome too!

If you love going fishing and have not yet got your fishing license this year, this just might be the incentive you need to go ahead and get your vaccine. Other outdoor lovers might enjoy the fact that they may be able to get free passes to state parks.

All in all, the list that has been mentioned so far sounds pretty good. What other "Minnesota" incentives would push you to get your vaccine? Are you now holding out for the best possible scenario?

Maybe they will consider something with the Minnesota Lottery? Now...I don't know that they COULD, but it would definitely be a very Minnesotan thing to do. What about passes to Casino's? Zoo's? I'd love free passes to the zoo.

Here's the other part of the equation. We all love rewards. I've already had my vaccination; but I'm a little hurt that I don't get a chance to be apart of the fun. Regardless, I think it's a great way to get people to move forward.

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