Every time I order food for pick up, I always stare at the tip jar and wonder; am I supposed to tip when I pick up my own food?

That's a good question. The whole purpose of me picking up my food instead of having it delivered is to try to save the extra dollars and time that it takes to get your food a little bit later, and costing more.  I like my food hot if it's supposed to be hot, and if I'm ordering out, it means I'm starving and I'm too lazy to make my own food. So again...what is tipping for if you are doing all the running around?

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For me I feel like it's not just a tip for the delivery of the food. Someone else is taking the time to make my food, make sure my order is right, and getting it prepared for me in a timely manner, so yes...I still tip at the counter when I go to pick up my food.

How much do I tip? That depends. I definitely leave a bigger tip when my food is delivered to me. But even if I go to pick up my food, I throw a few dollars in the tip jar on the counter, or if I'm using a card and they give me the option to tip, I will do it. I usually tip about 10-15% when I pick up my own food, and about 20% when they deliver it to me.

What do you do? Do you and I think alike?  Let me know your thoughts at


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