Dear Minnesota Credit Cards,

We know you didn't choose to live in the north. It can be tough out here, all cold and...well, cold for 6 months out of the year.

I'm sure when you were just baby plastic hanging out at some bank, you dreamed of being in the hands of a southern billionaire, living in the comfort of a designer wallet.

Little did you know that you'd be destined for the worst job of all...scraping the ice off of Minnesota car windshields six months of the year. Your job isn't pretty, it's not fun but, it's necessary.

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It's probably the worst job ever, but let me tell you, little Minnesota Credit Card, it's the most important job there is.

Without you, Minnesotans wouldn't be able to function in a pinch. We'd be late to work,  late for after school pickup, late to lunch with a friend, late to that pesky workout at the gym and pretty much everything else.

We recognize that ice scrapers are a thing that've been invented for this specific purpose. Yes, we know. But, Minnesotans aren't always prepared for the random weather that Mother Nature throws our way. I mean, it is only October.

So, when things turn south unexpectedly, we've got you, Minnesota Credit Card. For that reason, we thank you for all you do in keeping our northern population safe.

You might not look as scratch and dent free as your southern friends, but you're beautiful to us.

Thanks for being our tool of choice when it comes to defrosting our vehicles.

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