There are some people in this world, like me, who are meant to suffer an injury every time they play a physical sport. Please tell me I'm not the only one!

Almost 2 weeks ago I was playing kickball tournament for a fundraiser in Rice. This was my 2nd year playing in it, and both times I regretted the aftermath.

The first year I was pitcher for most of the 5 games we played, and I threw out my back and couldn't hardly walk for 2 weeks. This year's tournament, even worse. One of the last plays, and going for the 1st place trophy, I was put at 1st base. I'm a lefty, and left-handed people are usually put at 1st base. A massive, beastly guy was headed to the base and I slipped and fell in front of the base. He smashed right into my side and flipped a full 360 degrees to the ground. He was fine. What happened to me? I cracked ribs and shredded back muscles. I'm bound to get hurt in a simple game like kickball.

A few years ago I was playing flag football with friends, tripped on a guy's foot after catching a pass, and broke 2 ribs.

Last time I played basketball I sprained my ankle! Yes, I'm bound to get hurt!

I truly believe there are people born into this world who are chosen to be the one that gets hurt in everything they do. That would be me...

I'd like to know if you're one of those chosen ones as well. Be sure and tell your story below. It's like therapy for people of our kind.

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