The Minnesota Vikings on Thursday announced that rookie quarterback Jaren Hall would be getting the start against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night. Is this the best move for a team that is still not eliminated from the playoffs?

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The Minnesota Vikings drafted Jaren Hall in the 5th Round of the 2023 NFL Draft from BYU. Hall, started the year as the number 3 quarterback behind Kirk Cousins and Nick Mullens on the depth chart. After Kirk was injured at Lambeau in October, Hall finished out the game as the Vikings went on to win. Mullens who was injured at the time wasn't eligible to play until the following week, so Hall got the start against the Falcons.

Hall eventually was pulled from the game due to a concussion.

To me there isn't a lot of game 'tape' on Hall to prove he can perform at the level needed for the Vikings to win out, and possibly make the playoffs.

Maybe making the playoffs isn't the plan now with the Vikings seeing more season-ending injuries to more key players. If that is what the direction will be these last two games, then Hall should be your guy. You in essence are just evaluating what he can due under 'real' game settings.

Maybe he does well and fans can go into the off-season knowing the team has SOMETHING at quarterback next year, as Kirk Cousins will be a free agent after the year ends.

Or maybe the team sees that they will need to find another quarterback in the offseason and/or try and resign Kirk after he rehabs from his injury.

If the team is trying to win and make the playoffs I'd rather see Dobbs or Mullens under center rather than Hall, but if they are just trying to get through the rest of the year without any more injuries and wanting to see what the future may hold, Hall is the correct choice.

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