Photo by Kelly Cordes


Ever since I arrived at work one day, only to meet my friend Cindy at the entrance walking a cute little adorable faced doggy, I've been in love. The first words out of my mouth when I arrived to work were, "And WHO is this?!"


Cindy is a Foster parent at Grey Face Rescue and Retirement, and had brought Gloria with her to work on this particular day. Our meeting almost didn't happen. I took a 1/2 day as I wasn't feeling well; I'm REALLY glad that I came in!


My heart still aches to see my beautiful Sampson everyday. I miss him so much. Gloria lost her owner; so we both have been through the same thing. Actually, Mr. Bean our cat ALSO lost his person; we've all had that loss and it seems to have bonded us all together.

Mr. Bean my grey tabby cat and Gloria really like each other; although they haven't quite figured out how to play together yet; but it's fun to watch them try. They are about the same size; quite a difference from our Giant Sampson that roamed the halls of our home.


Last night I received the email from Grey Face Rescue that our family had been approved to adopt Gloria; and the rest is history. We all have found a special place in our hearts for her. Everyone who meets her knows how sweet and special she is.

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