It may actually be true. Kind of.


The legend says that at the end of the month, the police will get more ticket-happy to meet a monthly quota of pissing people off citations.

Let me preface the following with this: I'm not anti-cop. This study isn't anti-cop. It might just be sheer coincidence, but it got you to click on the story, didn't it?

Some legal guidance cult network called Avvo crunched numbers to see if we really are getting targeted more at the end of the month. Their conclusion?


The real conclusion? Not sure if cops actually targeting more or just not as lenient as they are for the rest of the month, but ticket citations do peak on the last day of the month, especially if it's the 31st...and Monday...and during the morning rush hour.


The plurality of citations are speeding violations, so make sure to set your cruise control to a reasonable speed instead of a GET ME THERE ASAP speed. It could save you some dollars!

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