Picture this, you are driving down the road, maybe a little bit above the posted speed limit and you see a silver or black SUV up ahead. You mutter something under your breath as you aren't sure if it's an unmarked squad car or just a normal vehicle. You slowly pass the questionable car, and not lights pop on. Success. We've more than likely all have been in this situation, or something similar right? So how can you tell if it's an unmarked squad or not?

I didn't realize that there is a pretty easy way to know whether the vehicle is unmarked or not, and it's not the industrial hubcaps. I should also preface this tip is only for unmarked SUVs.

Look up at the roof of the vehicle.

If there is a roof rack, remember when people used to travel with luggage on the roof, it's not an unmarked squad. If there isn't a roof rack, chances are pretty good that it's an unmarked squad car.

I didn't know this little detail before, and I saw this tip on social media, but I don't know where I read it. I put it to the test out over the last couple of days and it seems to work.

Now former police vehicles, which get auctioned off or bought by members of the public also would lack a roof rack, but in my experience, those folks are also driving a touch faster than the speed limit.

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GIve it a try and hopefully, you save yourself a speeding ticket.

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