Too many poop jokes to get to. I'll see if I can pinch them off hold them in.

Technology gives us many things: phones that are mini-computers, fridges that take pictures of its contents, wristbands that remind us how lazy we are.

Toilets themselves are engineering feats. Instead of pooping in a hole, we pop indoors into an apparatus that then disposes of our poop for us. If we ('Mericuhns) were smart, we'd embrace bidets. But alas, we prefer to take some poop with us.

This state-of-the-(f)art-looking thing is 10+ year old technology. (Getty Images)

Meet the iThrone

Diana Yousef used to be a NASA/USAID initiative scientific adviser. The project involved figuring out how to make water a thing in climates that don't want it to be a thing.

Think deserts, etc.

Water? I hardly even know her! (Getty Images)

It was during this initiative that she came up with the idea of a, "...portable, evaporative, waterless toilet."

The iThrone.

Read all about it, including how it works and why it's a great thing for girls and women in poor countries.

I guess you could say that Ms. Yousef really knows her sh*t!

Stop. Just stop. (Getty Images)

H/T: The Daily Beast

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