Yay TIMMAY Tuesday!

We celebrate our pets/fur babies every Tuesday. Here are a few fun facts about fur babies.

1) Don't wanna check your cat's gender the, ahem, 'traditional way'? Watch for paw dominance

Researchers at Queen's University had nothing better to do, so they studied cats. They found that male cats were left paw dominant, while females were right paw dominant. So instead of that uncomfortable 'checking' of their gender, just observe which paw your cat uses to knock sh*t off the table!

A bonus finding: your cat's vulnerability to stress can be determined by limb preference as well. Left paw (usually males) showed stronger fear and aggression responses to stress, while right paw (usually females) were way more chill.

Figures. For felines, it doesn't pay to be...southPAWED!

The Duke Of Cambridge Hosts A Good Luck Send Off For The England Women Football Team
Right! Jolly good pops joke! Your *paw* would be most proud! (Getty Images)
Charles And Camilla Visit "A Garden Party To Make A Difference"
A papa joke response to a papa joke! Right! Too right! That's me boy! (Getty Images)


2) Your dog loves to scarf scat, and there's not much you can do to stop him/her!

Canine conspecific coprophagy. Sounds science-y, right? If your dog "cleans up" after him/herself, the science nerds call that canine conspecific coprophagy. That's fancy talk for your dog has a eat-their-own-or-other's-poop compulsion.

Gross? Well, they're gorging on guano, so yeah. If you're jealous, you may have born into the wrong species.

A New Study published in the Veterinary Medicine and Science journal observed dogs eating sh*t a pair of surveys. 16 percent of dog owners witnessed their Best Friend wolfing down dog waste -- and not always their own -- at least six times. On the plus side (??), most dogs prefer fresh stool. They were also likely to live with other dogs, so there may even be a "social component" to the behavior.

Could you imagine if dook-munching was a "social component" for humans? Ew.

Products marketed to stop dogs from eating excrement have a 2% success rate...at best. Vets say the dung-dining probably won't hurt your pooch. Just don't let them lick you after a fecal feast.

Dogs And Owners Gather For 2013 Crufts Dog Show
Oh, you shouldn't have! Seriously, stop... (Getty Images)

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