Minnesota sushi on a burger? That seems to be what's going on down in Darwin. Not only can you find a large ball of twine, but you can also enjoy a pickle roll-up burger being served at a bar afterward if you are into that sort of thing.

Lo and behold the bar serving up the pickle roll-up burger, Troubles #2 Restaurant and Bar in Darwin.

According to the sign in the social media post from the bar, the burger is topped with a 'mixture of cream cheese, ham, and pickles' and then 'seasoned' to perfection.

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So from what I can tell from that description is that there aren't tiny pickle roll-ups sliced on top of the burger, but rather a spread of mixture on the top.

Being a fan of pickle roll-ups this sounds pretty good to me.

If you aren't sure what a pickle roll-up is, it is a pickle that is wrapped up in ham that is held together with cream cheese, and then the pickle is sliced into smaller chips and served up on a plate. It's a pretty easy snack, or appetizer to make, and you can add your own twist to them by adding other things to the roll-up.

I'm sure there are other bars and restaurants a little closer than Darwin that offer up something similar, and if you know one of those places, drop it in our comments! Maybe if there are enough we can put together a pickle roll-up burger loop/tour of Central Minnesota for fans of the midwestern delicacy.

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