Back in the days of the original Mousketeers, there were a bunch of kids that were pretty well known, making kids sing and smile all day long.  One of those kids, Dennis Day, a Mousketeer for two years, has mysteriously disappeared...and he's been missing for 7 months with no word on where he might be.


He has been missing since July, and left behind his pets and his partner, who had just had a recent fall.   His bank account appears to be untouched. His car was found 200 miles away, on the cost of Oregon in the possession of two strangers who said that Dennis borrowed them the car.  The car has now been impounded and they are searching for the couple that supposedly borrowed the car. There was also a temporary roommate that said he didn't know where Day was, but that had his debit card in his possession.


While his partner had told him Day said he would be visiting friends, Dennis had been missing for two weeks before anyone reported him gone.  He had not contacted anyone; his sisters or other family members. His sister fears that maybe he committed suicide after his partner fell and an ambulance had to be called. She's afraid that he may have become upset watching them take his partner to the hospital.


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