If you're from Minnesota you know that there are a lot of places and things that double as Christmas present hiding places this time of year. If you've got some curious kids or impatient lovers, you might want to hide the presents in some of these places. Happy hiding!

  • In your spare crock pot--Your kids will never look there if you're the one that does all the cooking.
  • In your deer hunting stand--This seems like a great place to hide gifts from people in your family that aren't hunters. They'll never look here.
  • In a box labeled "summer clothes"--That's a box that you know won't get touched until at least April...so, you're good.
  • In your fish house--This is only a good idea if the person you're trying to hide your gifts from doesn't also use your fish house--proceed with caution.
  • In your storm shelter--this place can be different for everyone. I have a crawl space in my house that we use as our storm shelter. Since we won't be needing to use that space anytime soon, why not hide the gifts there.
  • Your summer cabin--I've heard of people hiding gifts at friend's houses so their kids don't find their gifts. This is such a better option because it'll be vacant until fishing opener.
  • Under bathing suits and shorts--If you've got a gift that's small enough to fit inside of a dresser drawer, hid that gift under a bunch of bathing suits and shorts. No one will look there until summer!
  • In your convertible--well, you won't be needing this anytime soon. If you're lucky enough to have a summer car, this would make the perfect hiding place.
  • In the boat--If you've got a boat in your garage it would be a good idea to hide a bunch of gifts in there and put the boat cover over it all. No one will be the wiser.

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