That, by the way, is never a good response when someone gives you a gift and you have nothing for them.

We can't always predict who will give us a gift for Christmas. Sometimes people are really generous and you're really broke.

So what to do when it happens?

According to People Nerd (i.e. Social Psychologist) Susan Newman, you have an out if exchanging of gifts was never actually discussed. Express regret that you didn't buy them anything and thank them for the gift.


Don't say that you forgot their present at home or something. Graciously accept the gift and move on. Perhaps follow up with a "thank you" note.

If they start to fuss, you just might want to run like heck.

Couple admiring silverware
TIP: don't buy her utensils for Christmas. They tend to include KNIVES. (Getty Images)

H/T: Yahoo

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