St. Cloud has a lot of chain restaurants, which makes me appreciate the unique establishments in our area that much more. These eateries are doing things a little differently than all of the rest of them. If you haven't tried them out yet, you must!

1. Waffle It--It's no secret that waffles are my favorite breakfast item. One St. Cloud restaurant has taken its waffle game to new heights. You can get custom made waffles that tailor to your taste buds right in your own backyard. Their menu includes caramel apple waffles and more savory chicken and waffles made with a corn bread crust. YUM!

2. Anton's--It's a little restaurant located along the Sauk River that is rumored to once have  been visited by famous gangster, Al Capone. Though it's unclear whether that ever actually happened, Anton's was a speak easy in the times of prohibition. They embrace their history, too, and proudly display it around the restaurant. Their wagon style seating is a popular feature.

3. Cafe Renaissance--It's a very fancy restaurant with some Mediterranean flair. In addition to their menu ranging from French to Greek food, they also have live piano music in the evenings. It's a very classy place to take your special someone on a date night out.


4. D.B. Searles--I love D.B. Searles' unique menu that changes with the season. Their food is fresh and local--you can't argue with that. Plus, it tastes amazing. If you're planning on checking this place out, I highly suggest ordering the cheese curds. They're some of the best I've ever had.

5. Olde Brick House-- It's a new authentic Irish Pub that just opened in St. Cloud. The owners brought in a team of builders from Ireland to construct the building. The architecture and decor are authentic from Dublin, Ireland. You can also experience a traditional Irish cuisine.

6. Val's--It's a staple fast food burger joint in St. Cloud that has been open since 1959. They're arguably most famous for their seasoned french fries. No matter what size fry you order, you're sure to get more than your fair share. It's best to split a bag with a friend.

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