I love french fries–and now that I’m on my diet, I appreciate them so much more when I’m able to eat them. St. Cloud has some seriously amazing places to get your fry fix. Here are just a few of my favorites!!

1. WOW Cafe, St. Cloud–At  the St. Cloud State University campus you’ll find a little restaurant in Atwood called WOW Cafe. Let me just say, the fries are seriously WOW–they taste amazing. They’re perfectly crispy and seasoned to perfection. Make sure that you also ask for a side of their ranch dressing because the pairing is a match made in heaven!

2. Val’s, St. Cloud–I love Val’s fries for a variety of reasons. The first one being, you get a bag full of them whether or not you ask for it. Ask for a small, you’ll get a bag full. Ask for a large, you’ll get a bag full. That’s a win, win. They are so crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Val’s sprinkles a light cheese flavoring over their fries which makes the flavor pop.

3. Boulder Tap House, St. Cloud–Their garlic parmesan french fries are to DIE for. I just had these the other day on my “cheat day” and I felt like I died and went to heaven. There’s just something about garlic and cheese mixed on top of your french fries that’s good for your character.


4. MAC, St. Cloud–Holy awesomeness! These french fries are the definition of perfection. Plus, they’re the only crinkle cut fries on this list! They’re crispy, salty and have a thick consistency. They’ll leave you feeling full but wanting more. I could eat an entire bag of these fries if put to the test. They’re definitely among the best in town. This may or may not be the reason I go to as many hockey games as I do…

5. Red Robin, St. Cloud--The restaurant chain has amazing fries. The really cool thing about Red Robin is, they have this little thing called “bottomless fries.” That’s right. You can eat as many french fries as you want. It’s a fry lover’s paradise! They’re the new kids on the block too. They just opened up about a year ago next to Crossroads Mall.

6. Pepper Jack's Grill, St. Cloud--They have really good food, but their french fries are the real star of the show! They are large fries, made to a crispy perfection with a peppery seasoning. If you haven't tried them, you must make plans to do so soon! If you're going to sample these fries with friends, make sure you each buy your own order. I promise, it'll be worth it!

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