Hear me out.

Yokohama National University got creative with some french fries. Mickey D's adds a chemical -- called dimethylpolysiloxane (yes I copy-and-pasted that) -- to their fries to prevent the fry oil from frothing. American's mouths provide enough froth.

The stem cell researchers call it a "simple" method. These are freaking scientists, so "simple" is on a different scale than you and me.

Some Protection
ME: why brush your teeth when you can wear a mask to hide your breath? (Getty Images)

The gist is: the researchers were able to mass-produce "hair follicle germs," seeded an 'HFG' chip, implanted onto a lab mouse's body, and within days observed black hairs where the chips were transplanted: hair regrowth!


Now, the process is a little less 'simple' than just rubbing fry oil on your head. But if you that, just think of how delicious you'll smell!

A Deaf Ear
No love until you dip your head in the grease, dear. (Getty Images)


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