Hear me out.

Yokohama National University got creative with some french fries. Mickey D's adds a chemical -- called dimethylpolysiloxane (yes I copy-and-pasted that) -- to their fries to prevent the fry oil from frothing. American's mouths provide enough froth.

The stem cell researchers call it a "simple" method. These are freaking scientists, so "simple" is on a different scale than you and me.

ME: why brush your teeth when you can wear a mask to hide your breath? (Getty Images)

The gist is: the researchers were able to mass-produce "hair follicle germs," seeded an 'HFG' chip, implanted onto a lab mouse's body, and within days observed black hairs where the chips were transplanted: hair regrowth!

Now, the process is a little less 'simple' than just rubbing fry oil on your head. But if you that, just think of how delicious you'll smell!

No love until you dip your head in the grease, dear. (Getty Images)


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