We're from Minnesota and are used to driving in the winter. It always happens when the first snow hits...we forget the basics. Here's some tips to get you snow-driving ready.

  1. Slow down. This is the biggest and most important tip. The faster you drive, the more difficult it is to control your vehicle. It doesn't matter if you have a car or S.U.V., when the road is icy you aren't going to stop quickly.
  2. Don't over-steer. If you start to lose control, don't panic, and just let off the gas. Don't hit the brakes hard either, as that will almost guarantee you lose total control. Learn how to steer out of a fishtail. Here's a great resource to learn that.
  3. Increase your distance. Normally you should stay 2 car lengths away from other vehicles. In winter driving conditions you want to back off as far as possible, at least 4 car lengths at the least. Remember, if it's slippery and you can't stop, distance from other vehicles is all you have to save you.
  4. Learn how your anti-lock brakes work (ABS). This type of braking system is common in all vehicles today, and they are made for helping your stop in slippery conditions. Never pump your brakes if you have ABS. Push in the brake petal firmly and let the ABS system do it's job. Learn how ABS brakes work.
  5. Avoid using cruise control. When you have your foot on the gas petal, you can feel the road and let off the gas when you feel the tires slipping. Cruise control can cause your vehicle to lose control as it's trying to keep you at your set speed. Remember this in slippery conditions, Cruise Control = Lose Control.

Following these simple tips with increase your chances of a safe drive in Minnesota's winters.