So we are on day 3 of snow falling here in Central Minnesota. We've seen the temps fall below freezing during the nights, and with not much salt and sand on the roads, compared to later in the season I'm thinking we are going to have overconfident drivers hitting the roads today.

I get it, you've lived here your whole life, but after three straight days of wet snow, and temps beginning to dip below freezing on a regular basis at night we've got slick roads both in the morning hours and then again after the sunsets, which is pretty early compared to a few weeks ago.

Signs of the commute being rough are starting to show up on where spinouts and crashes are beginning to grow.

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And then you've got people posting pictures of what they are seeing on area roads, like I-94 West in Albertville, where WCCO's Pauleen Le tweeted out this video of a spun-out vehicle in the ditch.

Do yourself a favor, and others on area roads this morning, and slow down. Later in the year when we've got more residual salt and sand on the roads you can maybe get away with going a little faster, but we aren't at that point yet.

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