A new survey wanted to find out what makes people tick in the work place. It's no surprise that people had a lot to say about things they disliked about their co-workers...what happened to that New Year's resolution you made to be more positive? The top five most annoying things that people do in the work place are;

5. Taking credit for other people's ideas. We ALL know someone like this.

4. Being compulsively late. It's even more frustrating for people who make a point to be at least 5 minutes early.

3. Not getting your work done/missing deadlines. It's even more annoying when you've got people waiting on your work in order to progress in the project.

2. Talking about people in the office. Don't be the office gossip, it will get you nowhere.

1. And, the most annoying thing people do in the office is not paying attention to detail and being bad at their job. No one wants to work with a lazy slob. No one.

If you're guilty of one or more of these things, I think it's time for some self reflecting and soul searching. Perhaps it's time to make some changes in 2017.

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