More and more people across Minnesota are working from home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible. Working from home presents new opportunities and challenges, one of them being how to handle your new co-workers. Also known as your pets and kids. Here are the new co-workers the 98.1 team is working with while we broadcast from our homes.

  • Pete Hanson
    Pete Hanson


    Age: 8

    Position: Intern

    Requirements: Entry level position, no experience required. Must be willing to nap through the entire show, but be able to jump to life if a plastic wrapper is being opened in the kitchen.

    Compensation: An occasional Milk Bone.

    Supervisor: Pete Hanson

  • Kelly Cordes
    Kelly Cordes


    Age: 7

    Position: Food Disposal

    Requirements: Must be able to sniff out and dispose of most crumbs. Experience licking plates is a must.

    Compensation: Snuggles, playtime and sleeping under blankets.

    Supervisor: Mr. Bean

  • Kelly Cordes
    Kelly Cordes

    Mr. Bean and Pnuema

    Age: 13 & 4

    Position: Supervisors

    Requirements: Purring is a must; ability to jump from floor to table tops, curtains, and dog management skills are essential.

    Compensation: Catnip, pate dishes, and private personal litter box.

    Supervisor: Who are you kidding? We rule the world.

  • Ashli Overlund
    Ashli Overlund


    Age: 2

    Position: Boss

    Requirements: Napping, eating, cartoons and diaper changes.

    Compensation: Bacon, fruit snacks and toys

    Supervisor: Mom and Dad

  • Abbey Minke
    Abbey Minke


    Age: Undisclosed (Maybe like 6 or 7?)

    Position: Receptionist

    Requirements: Must have experience dealing with the public. Alerts staff of people coming in and out of the home studio with a low growl only the boss (Abbey) can hear. Must be fluffy and approachable.

    Compensation: Private dog bed in the home office/studio. Potential for an extra daily walk and small piece of crust from toast, based on performance.

    Supervisor: Abbey Minke

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