Have you ever known a co-worker pretty well at work, but really didn't know a lot about their personal life? Then one day you find out something they have done outside of work and it begins to worry you that your life may be in danger? That happened to me this week with our videographer Abby.

As you may know, Abby is our fun videographer that goes with all of us on our adventures around the area. She's a blast to be around and very creative. She and I have done many video projects together and have spent quite a bit of time together here at work and on the street. But recently she gave me quite the scare when I found out what she did over the weekend.

I am Facebook friends with Abby and see her various posts on what type of mood she's in and most of the time I find them amusing, but on Saturday I began to get a little fearful. You see, Abby isn't the type of person that I would want to make mad. I think she has a bit of a payback streak in her - make her mad, she's going to get you. I've never heard her say she's a big fan of guns or shooting people, but still I just know not to get her on your bad side.


On Saturday I checked Facebook and I saw a post from Abby saying "I'm ready to shoot something." I immediately thought, "that's funny, that's the first time I've heard her say something like that." The next post was this picture and a note that said "Goodbye Kitty".

Now I know that Abby has a couple of cats and I started to think that maybe something had happened with the cats and she had gotten so fed up with them scratching up her furniture or pooping on the bed that she was going to take them to the humane society. I still didn't think much about it, but the concern did start to grow in my mind.

Abby Faulkner

The next post on Facebook was this picture and the tag "First shot, guess I'm a natural."

At this point I'm thinking, "What the heck is going on with Abby? Has she slipped off the deep end"? I started looking back at the first picture and saw that it was a Hello Kitty radio? What does she have against Hello Kitty? Why does she have a Hello Kitty radio at her age? Why has she destroyed this item?

I then see that she posted this from a location near my home and I start to wonder, "Who gave her a gun and why is she near my house doing target practice on a Hello Kitty object? Is she coming over after this round of "shooting stuff" to continue her rampage?"

I had to get these thoughts out of my head because this is sweet Abby that has so much fun with me at work. Surely she isn't on a shooting rampage.

I got to work on Monday and the day went by without a word of this incident. Abby was chipper and in a great mood all day. Tuesday, same thing. By Wednesday, I just had to know what the deal was with Hello Kitty and why she was so angry at it. The answer she gave me is the video below.


After seeing this video, I now know that I won't be getting Abby anything Hello Kitty for Christmas this year, now will I be joining her in open fields near my house anytime soon!

You see, you just never know who your co-workers are until you start watching them on Facebook! And when you do, you'll probably figure out who not to tick off in your office very quickly!

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