Minnesota is almost split 50/50 with people coming and going from the state. United Van Lines did a study across all 50 states to find out who was moving where, and for what reasons. Here were the top reasons for people moving out of the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

1. Jobs - 62.43% of people moved out of the state for different jobs in other states. Gotta go where you gotta go. Especially if you are chasing a dream job.

2. Family - 19.05% of people left the state because of something family related, compared to the 39% of people who came INTO the state due to a family reason. Welcome to Minnesota, we're all family here!


3. Retirement - 17.99% of people left because of retirement. Everyone knows someone who snowbirds down to a warmer state for the winter. Minnesota winters are harsh, and when you're retired, the last thing you want to do is work to get through a season.

4. Lifestyle - This category was split almost evenly down the middle. 10.05% of people left for lifestyle reasons, but 9.29% moved here for that same reason. Let's call this one a wash.

5. Health - 1.59% of people moved away because of health, but we also had 4.42% move HERE for their health. It probably helps that we have the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

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