Animals in cars.  I just can't.  I'm talking when I see one dog in a hot car or something, you have to wonder what the owner is thinking.  I know that sometimes people are traveling somewhere, and they just run into a convenience store quickly to buy a coffee or some other item. They are away from their vehicle for no more than a few minutes.  The animal in the car is probably fine, but the optics are horrible. People feel compelled to call animal control or some other service to call out the driver for leaving their pet in a possible hot vehicle.

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What if you saw 40+ cats in a car at a rest stop on a 90 degree day?  I don't care who you are, you would probably call someone.  You would probably call someone just because there were 40 cats in a vehicle regardless if it was hot out or not!

This is the situation that happened at a rest stop in Harris, Minnesota.  There were 47 cats living in a vehicle with the owner of the vehicle and the cats.  According to ABC news, the man had recently become homeless and was living in his car with the cats.  The cats varied in age from a kitten to over 12 years old. He had called the Animal Humane Society to help him with the cats so they can be rehomed, or adopted.

“Unfortunately, with the heat yesterday he recognized that it was above and beyond what he was capable of at this time. And he let us help them out,” she said, noting that the owner had not left the cats alone.

ABC News also mentioned that he had recently given up about 14 cats before this. Why does/did he have so many cats??  At least they will be taken care of, and hopefully a home will be found for all of the cats, and hopefully their owner too.

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