If you live in the Champlin area, it isn't quarantine getting to you. There really is a giant lizard roaming the neighborhood.

The Champlin Police Department got a call on Tuesday from a citizen who's Asian Water Monitor Lizard had escaped from their house. The police were told it is three feet long, good at climbing stuff, and it may become aggressive if backed into a corner.

The police ask if you see it to call them:

If you see it, please give us a call. Our community service officer has studied and trained diligently for years for this exact situation, and he is ready to take this creature safely into custody.

These lizards are native to southeast Asia where they typically live close to the wetlands. Wikipedia says they have been known to "adapt and thrive" in agricultural areas as well as cities with canal systems. Water monitors defend themselves using their tails, claws, and jaws, good to know just in case you find yourself in contact with this loose pet.

Pretty exciting stuff for a Tuesday in the suburbs. I know if I had been stuck at home for over a month and look outside to see a giant lizard in my yard I would have one of two reactions. 1. I would totally lose my mind or 2. I wouldn't react, because in 2020 nothing can surprise me anymore.

Fingers crossed this lizard is returned to his owner soon. And fingers crossed the person who finds it has an appropriate reaction to finding a three-foot-long lizard.

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