I turn 26 years old tomorrow, and at this point I've come to terms with the fact that 30 will be here before I know it. Age is really just a number. But, in my 25 years of life, I've learned a few things and realized a little bit about myself. I thought I'd pass along my wisdom to you. So, without further ado, here we go!

1. Your eyes don't pop out of your head when you sneeze with your eyes open no matter what your mom says.
2. A phone works two ways.
3. Don't accept a job just for money.
4. Wine tastes pretty good.
5. Every little choice you make adds up to your entire life. It's good to say no to things.
6. Your parents are way cooler than you think.
7. Don't say things out of anger you'll later come to regret.
8. You can't live off of Doritos and pizza rolls forever.
9. Being alone is sometimes exactly what your spirit needs!
10. You can't change people, you can only change yourself.
11. It's OK to allow yourself to follow a different dream or walk down a different path.
12. Hand sanitizer was an amazing invention...and so was Web MD.
13. Things sometimes have a funny way of working themselves out.
14. Sometimes playing Phase 10 and eating pizza is the best way to spend a Friday night.
15. People will always remember how you made them feel. Make them feel good.
16. Having extra money in your savings in case of a rainy day is necessary! There will be rainy days.
17. Life is hard, so pick your hard.
18. Age is just a number. Even at 25 when you're busy adulting, you'll still feel like a teenager.
19. Eating raw brownie batter isn't as appealing as it seemed when you were a kid--especially when you learn about salmonella.
20. Full House and Boy Meets World are still the best shows to binge watch on a sick day.
21. Broccoli isn't evil.
22. Remember to take your daily vitamins.
23. Coffee still tastes pretty gross.
24. When you find someone whose crazy matches yours, marry them.
25. Don't take yourself too seriously.