Birthdays are so special, especially when you hit triple digits. Gert Schaubach of Crosby turned 103 this week and wanted to go fishing for her birthday. The care facility she lives at made that possible, and the fishing trip even involved a surprise from a local conservation officer:

Conservation Officer Eric Sullivan had the privilege of checking angler Gert Schaubach of Crosby at the Serpent Lake Pier earlier this week. Sullivan provided Gert with a fishing lure as a gift for her birthday after checking her license that the local care facility had created for her. It was reported Gert was worried about getting checked by the warden and that she wanted be on the up and up.

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The license that was checked was symbolic, turns out that in Minnesota an angling license is not needed for those who have reached 90 years old. If you've ever needed motivation for living a long and full life, let it be the free fishing license in your 90s. Gert then got her photo with officer Sullivan and got to enjoy the day by the water, while bringing laughs and smiles to everyone that stopped by.

The lake that Gert was fishing on is known to have a mythical creature living below the surface. According to the city's website, there are rumors that the waters of the Cuyuna Lakes are inhabited by a mythical sea serpent. Some people say that the serpent swims below along the shores of the lake, and nibbles at vacationers who visit.

I think Gert will need a bigger lure for her next birthday if she plans on really that creature in. Happy 103rd birthday Gert!

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