Minnesotans were so happy with the 60 degree temperatures we've had the last few days. We're not going to let a little bit of snow in the forecast bring us down. Even though there's a good chance of snow this week, we're going to continue pretending it's spring.

1. Minnesotans are already in spring mode--There's no going back. It's almost like we don't acknowledge winter anymore. If it snows, no big deal--we know it will melt soon anyway.

2. The lawn furniture is staying outside--It's a lot of work to take it all out of the storage shed--there's no way we're putting it all back. I mean it'll be nice out again in a few weeks anyway, right?

3. We're still grilling--I didn't stand in line at the meat market this weekend for nothing! We'll all be standing outside grilling even if there's six inches of snow on the ground.

4. .The shorts are staying out--Many of us have already started to transition some of our spring clothes into the mix. We're not willing to put them back into storage at this point!

5. Jackets are optional now no matter how cold it is--Let's be honest, we're really going to pretend it's not as cold as it actually is outside. We don't want to believe that it's still winter.

6. We call bluff on the weather forecast--Sure, there might be a winter storm warning in effect, but we think it'll blow over or miss us. I mean, the forecasters are just over-reactors, right?

7. We're putting the shovel away--Even if it does snow, we convince ourselves that the snow won't last more than a few days anyway. We'll just wait for it to melt.

8. Thirty degrees suddenly feels chilly--Remember two weeks ago when we darn near threw a party because it was finally above zero, and that felt tropical? Now, 30 degrees will chill us to the bone.

9. We pretend our colds are just allergies--Because we refuse to accept winter, we blame our sniffles on the fact that the temperatures have been warmer and kicking things up into the air. I mean, we all just suffer from February allergies, right?

10. We're appalled that bathing suits aren't in stores yet--I mean, we know it's not warm enough to swim yet, but we can look around, can't we? What do you mean you don't have bathing suits out yet? Stores put out Christmas decoration out in JULY--this doesn't seem like an unreasonable request.

And, just because we know deep down that we're still due for more winter weather, we're all looking up cheap flights to Miami for spring break!

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