Over the weekend, my husband got a notification on his phone from a weather app saying that the air had high pollen content. And right on cue, the same day I started experiencing some of my normal seasonal allergy symptoms.

This time of year I usually end up with a few days of a sore throat, sinus pressure, and an inability to breathe through my nose. Not what a person wants when they want to enjoy the fresh spring air.

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Turns out that it's only going to get worse. Autumn's have been longer and warmer over the years, and so have spring planting seasons. Kenny Blumenfeld with the Minnesota DNR state climatology office told WCCO news:

Longer growing seasons mean more potential to produce additional pollen, which can mean worse allergy seasons. With more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, you can then have higher pollen production, that might be why some people are suffering more.

The best thing to do is start your allergy prevention care early. For me, that means taking antihistamines early and making sure I'm eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise. Heathy bodies mean healthy immune systems, and hopefully less severe seasonal allergy symptoms.

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