Minnesota is getting a true taste of fall this week with a few days seeing highs in the 50s. Luckily highs will be returning to the 60s and 70s by the time the weekend rolls around, but until then we have to break out the light jackets and deal with it.

When it comes to those first initial days of the season with daytime highs around 50, spring and fall look very different. The temperature is the same but it feels like a totally different beast. Here are the differences between 50 degree days in spring and fall.

50 Degree Day in Spring:

  • Shorts come out of hibernation
  • Sandals come out of the closet
  • Windows down in the car
  • Mud puddles from thawing snow
  • Hope for warm summer air and green grass
  • Think about prepping the lawnmower for the next season
  • Pulling the swimming pool out of storage
  • Annual plants start to be potted
  • Think about turning the furnace off
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50 Degree Day in Fall:

  • Hoodies come out of hibernation
  • Mittens come out of the closet
  • The heated seats are turned on in the car
  • Frost
  • The dread of a long winter on the horizon
  • Think about getting the snowblower ready for the next season
  • Draining the pool for the summer
  • Annual plant pots get brought inside or cleaned out
  • Think about turning the furnace on

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