Here are 10 things that Minnesota kids would see someone have, and consider them to be "rich".

1. A cabin on a lake up north.

At least an hour and a half drive, but it was always a fun weekend to tag along with your friend's family and spend time there!

2. A pristine Rainbow Play System that looked like it had never been used.

They had the best kind of play set and they never used it?! What a waste.

3. A super bouncy trampoline.

You're getting double bounced, and you're getting double bounced, EVERYONE IS GETTING DOUBLE BOUNCED! Also, playing crack the egg was the worst.

4. A hot tub. Inside or outside.

Doesn't matter, a hot tub is a hot tub.

5. Name brand snacks. Not the Food Club Coborn's version.

There is little to no difference between the two. But when you're a kid, name brand fruit snacks are worth their weight in gold.


6. Real Ugg boots.

So ~*fancy*~.

7. A fancy deck with matching patio furniture and a fireplace that sat ON THE DECK!

A casual fire on the porch and not in the dirt part of your yard?! What is this sorcery?!

8. A giant new RV they'd take on week long camping trips.

The toilet and shower worked in it. It's like Buckingham Palace on wheels.

9. Colorful floaties instead of just tire tubes for floating the river.

There's nothing wrong with tire tubes, they work great. But when it's 90 degrees and the sun is beating down on them they smell weird and burn your skin.

10. A home office that had a computer that had internet access!

So many hours spent in giant leather office chairs taking turns playing weird, low-quality games online.

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