Halloween is right around the corner, and now is the time to start putting together costumes. If you need a last-minute idea that is themed to our great state, here are some that are for couples and individuals.

  1.  Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox - Show off your Northern MN pride.
  2. Wild Player and the Stanley Cup - The Stanley Cup needs to play hard to get all night.
  3. Vikings - Dress as players or as actual Vikings. Either way you show your team spirit.
  4. St. Cloud Superman and Super Woman - Just don't stand along Division Street. That job is already taken.
  5. A Farmer and a Cow - Stearns County produces the most dairy out of any other county in the state, show off that pride on Halloween night. I have a cow onesie if you need to borrow it.
  6. Prince and The Sign - One dresses as Prince, the other has a cardboard cut out of his symbol. (Pro Tip: make it so your face goes through the circle part and use lots of purple glitter!)
  7. Minnesota's Two Seasons - One is a construction worker, the other is bundled up for winter
  8. Huskies - One could be the actual husky and one could be a SCSU Sports fan.
  9. The Jolly Green Giant - Pay homage to one of our most unique roadside attractions.
  10. A Can of Spam - Yes they make Spam costumes. And it's available on Prime.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year, or what have you been in years past? Share your costume in the 98.1 Virtual Halloween Costume Contest to win passes into Harvest of Horror in St. Augusta.

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