The Vikings, along with the entire NFL are starting training, with the pre-season just a few weeks away.  Right now, three of the Vikings Quarterbacks are out. One with a postitive COVID result and two, Kirk Cousins and Nate Stanley, are having to quarantine as they have been in close contact.  How long?  Head coach Mike Zimmer says he has no idea.  But the best guess would be until there is a negative COVID test or significant time has passed.  Meanwhile, the season looms with less practice time.

During a press conference he mentioned that he doesn't understand why the players are not getting vaccinated.

During the press conference Zimmer said that all of the protocols that had to be followed last season were very difficult.  And he also mentioned that with what we have available we should have been able to "put this thing to bed" but it "is what it is":

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Mike Zimmer has always been very direct and blunt, and that's one of the things that I appreciate about him.  When asked what he thinks about the other teams in the NFL other than the Vikings he said "I don't care about the other teams, to be honest with you".  Ok then.  Well said, sir.

Zimmer also stated that he doesn't understand why people don't get vaccinated.  He said some people are just against it, and it's like half the country, and you just can't change their minds.  Adding "These guys, some of them just won't do it. I shouldn't say it, but some of the things they've read are just, woof, out there".  (see the entire press conference above).

We will see what happens with the season, if vaccinations or a negative COVID test will be mandatory for the players and possibly the fans.  Fans, if you want to attend a game.  That hasn't happened yet, but seems like the trend may go in that direction in order to keep things open.

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