Summer has arrived and if you are looking to get out and do something with the family that is memorable, check out this PINK beach! The beach is located in Northern Minnesota and is definitely worth the drive!

The beach is actually a scientific and natural area (SNA) known as Iona's Beach. It's located right along the Gitchi Gami State Trail and the Twin Points Water Access is nearby. Because it is an SNA there are some rules that need to be followed when you visit, but it's still worth the trip.

Here are some of the things you'll need to know if you visit, according to the Minnesota DNR;

You are allowed to swim, bird and wildlife watching, hike (note there are no designated trails), and take photos and videos.

You are NOT allowed to: camp or have a campfire, collect plants, animals, fossils, and rocks, geocaching, and orienteering, organized athletic or social events, rock climbing, drones, and park your vehicle at the site.

So why is the beach pink? 

According to the Minnesota DNR website: the beach gets its pink color from the 'pink rhyolite and felsite bedrock' that make up the surrounding area, and the cliffs that run along Lake Superior.

Get more details about the beach, and other activities nearby by heading here! 

If you visit Iona Beach, be sure to take some photos as your friends from outside Minnesota probably won't believe you that you were on a pink beach.

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