What better describes trauma better than kids running into their parents' bedroom at the most inappropriate times?  Questions arise...children stare...What do you say now?

There is a new survey in The Daily Star,  that says 20% of parents admit being caught by their kids "playing around." The question is: How do you answer the innocent question: "What are you guys doing?"


Some people just tell the kids the name of the game their playing. The REAL name. Others...have more creative ways of responding. What do you say?

The Top 10:

  • We were just cuddling.
  • We were tickling each other.
  • We were stuck and trying to get out of bed.
  • We were trying to make each other laugh.
  • We invented a new sport and we were playing it.
  • We were having an argument.
  • We were play-fighting.
  • We were searching for magic treasure.
  • We were playing horsey.

You silly creative creatures. I don't think anything you say could possibly take the question marks out of their head...and just wait until they're old enough to realize what they say 7 years ago wasn't what you told them. Is that called 'Delayed Trauma?"

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