Do your kids like to sing? Probably! Unless someone has made them feel bad about themselves...our children start singing at an early age...they listen to mom sing to them...they sing back...Do you remember them being upset during that time? NEVER!

In all reality, singing has been part of our culture since the the start of human culture. We gather...we sing...we dance...It's what people have done throughout the ages.  Maybe singing is more important.

Studies show that singing connects us together and it also lifts our mood.


It is true. Singing is really good for you; partially because of the deep breathing techniques it requires. It's considered aerobic if you sing everyday, you can COUNT that as joke! The comment I saw said this: "Singing increases the amount of oxygenated blood rushing to the brain".



Maybe your school has a choir...maybe it's in your church...maybe you just sing together at home; however you can get this to happen; it's a great way for your kids to have their mood lifted in a positive way.

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