This little dog has won my heart...EXCEPT...that she pee's in the house. Not all the time; She doesn't like to go out in the rain; so peeing in the house seems like a logical response.  She pee's the size of a pea; but I can't stand that smell. We are trying to figure out what she did in the past; if she was trained to use a potty pad, trained to go outside, or if she was allowed to pee in the house and they just cleaned up after her.

Well...I'm not one to give up on training. I learned a lot from a Cory who trained my Great Dane Sampson; that dogs ARE trainable.


We did find out that she had a little bit of a urinary tract infection. So as she is being treated for that, and I've been home over the weekend, she hasn't peed in the house...until last night..and I think I know why.


I was searching the internet for various ways to stop dogs from peeing in the house. I ran across a video from a man that knows people abroad, and he said they sprinkle black pepper all over their carpeting and it stops dogs from peeing there. Dogs don't like the smell of black pepper, and won't pee where there's pepper. I thought; heck; it's only black pepper. Why not try it? What an inexpensive fix if it FIXES the problem.

Sure enough...whether Gloria's medicine has kicked in and stopped the urge to pee, or if she just absolutely didn't want to pee where she smelled black pepper, she hasn't peed in the house all weekend.  It worked!  Also, the video said that you can vacuum the floor, and some of the pepper will still remain so you don't have to put pepper down every time you vacuum.


So...now my house smells nice and clean. I vacuumed up all my floors yesterday, and shampooed my carpets.  I go to bed; I get up this morning; I take a step and feel a tiny little wet spot. I put my face to the carpet, and sure enough; in the middle of the night sometime...Gloria peed on the carpet...again.  I cleaned it up, put a diaper on her, and proceeded to grab the black pepper and sprinkle it all over my house again.  It works!!!!


Let me know if this works for you; or what do YOU do for your little dog with poddy issues?  I'm using black pepper right now; and diapers. I've bought a poddy pad but don't want to use it unless it's my last option. Send your ideas to: kelly@minnesotasnewcountry.com.

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