Monticello is a nice little town nestled along the Mississippi River.  I've spent the better part of my life there and I'll admit it has its quirks but I've got Monti pride, loud and proud!!

Here's a few ways to know whether or not you're from Monticello:

  1. Your barn is nicer than your house
  2. You went to the actual Monticello Middle School before it became Eastview Elementary and subsequently closed
  3. Sat at the old location of Dahlheimer Distributing along Interstate 94 to watch Riverfest fireworks
  4. You bought a rubber duck for the duck race on the Mississippi each year
  5. You played on the Magic Kingdom playground at Pinewood
  6. You ate at The Skillet
  7. You did your grocery shopping at Maus Foods
  8. You knew the sports teams as the Redmen -- then there was controversy, they changed to Wildcats for like two weeks and then became the Magic
  9. You know who Joel Pryzbilla is
  10. You've gone sledding on Sledding Hill
  11. You were proud to be a Pinewood Panda
  12. You think it's crazy our small town has two of so many things -- Subway, Holiday, Kwik Trip and at one point, McDonald's
  13. You watched movies in the old theater on Broadway
  14. At one time, Taco Bell was serve a la carte in the high school cafeteria
  15. You're fully aware of Mr. Miller's wise words 'you are what you do'
  16. We had one of the first roundabouts in Minnesota
  17. You take time to admire all the Trumpeter swans
  18. Read the Monticello Times
  19. You ate and/or drank at the River Inn
  20. You bought at car from Gould Chevrolet
  21. You remember when K-Mart was the only place in town to shop
  22. You remember when we had a mini mall -- pretty sure it was a gift shop, a Hallmark and maybe a pet store or something like that
  23. Ate at the Silver Springs Golf Club restaurant
  24. Took field trips to the Monticello Roller Rink
  25. You know what 'Monticello' means


What am I missing from this list fellow Monticelloans?


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