Never meet your heroes? Nah.

You need to meet your heroes; if nothing else, so that you can be completely sure that they're worthy of being your hero. I've met multiple heroes over the years, with mixed results. But this isn't about me.

This is about ODB.

Jessie Kresa - ODB to wrasslin' fans - is the namesake of sorts for ODB's Meat & Greet Food truck out of Clearwater, MN. By "of sorts" I mean her four-time TNA Women's Knockout Champion (and one-time TNA Knockouts tag team champion) namesake.

She's gone from a pro wrestling knockout to a food truck knockout.

Being endorsed by an icon is an entrepreneur's dream.

WWE icon Mick Foley appeared on a recent episode of Hot Ones. Hot Ones is a YouTube series featuring celebrities being interviewed while eating progressively-spicier chicken wings.

Check out the video below! The entire episode is fascinating, and ODB gets a shoutout at 11:30 after Mick tried a chicken wing featuring a whiskey sauce.

Always a vicarious thrill to hear a local get a shoutout from an icon!

The closest I've ever come to this was during an interview of Gary Busey, where he got fascinated by my on-air handle (Choad) and could NOT. MOVE. ON.

NBCUniversal's "2013 Winter TCA Tour" Day 1 - Arrivals
He's normally such a calm fellow... (Getty Images)

Kudos to ODB for the well-deserved shoutout from Cactus Jack! Er, I mean Mankind. Dude Love?

CA: Lions Gate Premiere Of "See No Evil" - Arrivals
Seriously: Bob Seger's squared circle twin (Getty Images)

I'mma go get some Pork U Nachos.

H/T: ODB Meat and Greet

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