A couple days ago I asked if you'd pay $99 to not have a seat for the 30 Twins game deal, and results are surprising!

The Twins have come up with a way to attempt to get bodies through the door by offering a $99 deal for 30 games in the standing only sections that are now called “Ballpark Access”.

The deal, according the Twins announcement wednesday, isn’t offered on opening day on April 3rd, but does include any of the games after that, all the way through May. There’s no pay stubs, the tickets will be electronically sent to your mobile device through the MLB.com Ballpark app to scan at the gates. Once you buy 8 tickets for $99 you can attend up to 30 games with the deal.


To see this promotion called the “Twins Spring Ballpark Pass” click here.

Here's the surprising results when we asked "Would you pay this price to stand at Twins games?"

56% - No, I'd rather have a seat for a little more money
44% - Yes, love the Twins, even standing for 3 hours

I'd have though more Minnesotans would not be for this deal. I guess even with a sub-par team, the Twins still have plenty of fans that will go to the game however they can! Let's hope this year will be a complete 180 degree turnaround.

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