I love unique places to live.  Houses and apartments.  But this one might be a bit eerie.  This apartment complex used to be a jail. I'm not talking something like Alcatraz, but definitely a jail that has now been converted.  And they have left some of the actual jail doors, like cell doors as "walls".  It's a little strange, but unique and a conversation piece.

The apartment complex called Leijona, is located in Duluth. The complex is described by Bring Me the News as

a mixed-income apartment building – with some of the building's distinctive original features retained.

Located at 521 W. 2nd St., the building has kept much of its historic touch, with jail cells, bars on windows, and steel walls retained in the historic space. 

The apartment/jail is located in the center of the downtown area in Duluth.  If you are a fan of urban living, this is the epitome of that type of living.  Convenient and close to everything you'd want in city living.  Close to restaurants and night life, as well as being possibly close to your place of employment.  Their website says it has an excellent location. The places listed include bars and restaurants, entertainment, green spaces and points of interest.  If you are new to the area, this might be the perfect place to rent since it's in the center of everything, and a great way to get to know the city.

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You can check out which units are available, since they are now in the process of leasing.  They range from studio apartments to 2 bedroom apartments. All of the units have just one bathroom.  Well, it was a jail cell, so you know, space may be limited.

They are still in the process of updating their websites with more pictures to follow of the units, but right now you can see the floorplans.

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