A woman apologized to the Arizona Zoo after admitting that she was in fact, over the barrier that was in place, trying to take a selfie with an enclosed Jaguar.


CBS Evening News/Youtube

The event happened Saturday evening, shortly before the zoo closed for the day.  A woman saw a Jaguar in her environment, and wanted to get a selfie with the Cat.


It appears that the woman crawled up onto the border line and got right next to the fence; basically leaning on the fence.

Apparently the Jaguar reached around and put her claws in the woman's arm.  The Cat didn't let go, and someone who saw what was happening got some help. A visitor got there water bottle out and hit the cat with it which was enough to distract the Jaguar to let go of the woman's arm.


The woman admits that it was completely her fault, and told the zoo that she was very sorry for any bad publicity that they are receiving. The Jaguar is NOT going to be put down. I think the best lesson is; these animals didn't ask to be captured. They have NO idea what our rules are of playing fair; and I'm pretty sure they don't make selfie rules.

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