How many times have you decided that it was time for a delicious Frappuccino; just to decide later that you'd rather have a black cup of coffee with no sugar rather than drinking more than your whole daily allowance in one deliciously exquisite caramel Frapp?

Don't get me wrong. There have been times where I've fell off the wagon; totally ignoring the calories and amazing amount of sugar in that tasty cold treat. What if that drink was just a little bit less sugary? Would you have it then?

Starbucks has been listening to its healthy customers, and are introducing a less sugar filled Caramel Frappe.  Starbucks is doing a test run in 600 stores in Rhode Island, Missouri, and California, of course.


Lets take a look at the original Caramel Frappe in a size Grande. We are looking at 420 calories; 140 of those from fat, 4 grams of protein and  67 grams of sugar. Look at all the protein!  Right?  Sure.

The new lighter Caramel Frappe version will contain only 49 grams of sugar; still well over the daily recommended allowance for one fail swoop. It will also supposedly have only 370 calories. Would this convince you to purchase the drink?


You can use the Starbucks Calorie calculator to create your OWN Caramel Frappe with even less calories than they are proposing. If you switch to almond milk, and have it with no whip cream, then you're calorie count will drop to 250 calories, with only 20 of them being from fat; However, you are still looking at 57 grams of sugar.

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