Matt Dumba is a Canadian defensive player for the Minnesota Wild, and apparently Minnesota Nice stretches all the way up to our Northern neighbors, because Mr. Dumba offered a big helping hand recently.

Nicholas Swanson posted on Facebook saying:

Tonight as I was driving home, I noticed a car stalled in the middle of the road. It wasn’t running, no lights were on, and a small gas tank was hanging out of the side of it. I saw that someone had stopped and pulled their car around to help so I also stopped to make sure everything was okay.

As I was walking up to the cars, I immediately recognized the guy that had stopped to help as Matt Dumba from the Minnesota Wild. I eventually learned that Mr. Dumba had already gone to the gas station and got a gas tank with some gas for the gentlemen so he could get his car started.

It was 4 degrees outside and this gentlemen had his wife and his kid in the vehicle. We helped jump start his vehicle and the smile and amount of joy was priceless as he hugged and thanked us. I can’t help but think of how many people didn’t stop, drove right by, and how helpless they probably felt sitting there getting colder and colder.

After grinding 20+ minutes on the ice and with all of the preparation and hard work it takes to play in the NHL, it would’ve been easy for Mr. Dumba to drive by just like the other people did. Instead, he went out of his way to help these individuals that he didn’t know so they could be warm and make it to where they needed to go.

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Nicholas Swanson then went on to say that Matt Dumba didn't want any recognition for what he did. He was just trying to help someone out.

The world needs more Matt Dumba's in it. Do something kind for someone today, just because you can.

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