Have you ever noticed that central Minnesota is never featured on any of the food-related TV shows when they stop into this state? Why is that?

There is so much great and unique food in this area of Minnesota, yet it seems the spotlight is always on the Twin Cities or Duluth. Don't they get hungry in between the drive between the two places? Apparently the only major road is I-35 going north and south!

C'mon Food Network and Travel Channel! Sure, I get it...Minneapolis/St. Paul is most of Minnesota in your eyes, but try steering your crew west up I-94 or Hwy 10 and see that there's a thousand restaurants to take a look at in Minnesota. St. Cloud and Duluth are similar populations, and personally I feel this area has way more (and tastier) food choices than Duluth.

Guy Fieri (Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) named The Nook in Minneapolis the best burger in the country, why not try a burger from a number of places here?

Adam Richman (Man vs Food) has stopped into every jucy lucy joint in the cities. We can make a pretty wicked awesome burger with cheese inside as well! Not to mention monster portion meals.

Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods) is FROM Minnesota, and he claims he'd always rather be here. He loves the Twin Cities apparently, as everything he showcases is from there. Jump in your car and take an hour drive and give us a chance buddy!!

Bobby Flay (Throwdown with Bobby Flay) takes on an ice cream shop in Minneapolis. I can only imagine there's a number of unbelievable cooks in central Minnesota that would give him a run for his money!

So what do we need to do to put central Minnesota on the map finally, and get a TV show to stop through here?

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